• June 18, 2021

Microsoft is shutting down the web’s biggest domain name service for Windows users

Microsoft is making it more difficult for Windows 8.1 users to use its popular domain name server, Windows10.com.

The company is ending support for Windows10, Microsoft said in a blog post Tuesday.

Microsoft said it’s not yet clear how the service’s end is tied to Windows 10, which is expected to ship in the coming months.

Windows 10 will continue to be available on the company’s online stores, as well as in the Windows Store, but customers who buy it from a retail store or from Microsoft’s website won’t be able to access the domain name servers that hosted it.

Microsoft has been struggling to manage the demand for its popular Windows domain name and the number of people using the service has been dropping.

Windows10s servers can host over 100,000 domains, which means they can be configured to handle the volume of traffic Windows 10 is getting.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that it will discontinue Windows 10 support in October.

Windows customers who have purchased the latest version of Windows from Microsoft or have a subscription to the company Microsoft Edge browser extension will still be able access Windows 10.

However, they won’t have the option to purchase new licenses to the operating system.

The move comes after the company said it would begin making updates to Windows for Mac users on Tuesday.

Windows for Apple users will also be available in the fall.