• July 19, 2021

Virginia to hire more staff for IT cloud hosting

Virginia will hire more people in IT cloud-hosting this year, the state’s chief information officer has said.

It will create about 300 new jobs, including technical support, IT operations and a technology office, John Connolly said at a public event on Monday.

“That is a lot of new people,” he said.

The new staff will include a tech director, information technology support, software and infrastructure.

Connolly said Virginias cloud-based platform has been “extremely successful” with consumers and businesses in the US, but that more would be needed to meet demand.

There were concerns that Virginias system was not secure and that it could be hacked.

Virginia, the world’s biggest online travel retailer, said it was “deeply concerned” by the ransomware attacks in January and was working to improve its security.

Last year, Virginias security was breached when the company’s IT systems were infected by a remote code attack.

In an internal email to employees on Thursday, Virginia said it had implemented additional security measures, including a network firewall.

The company also said it would invest $250 million in cloud-computing equipment, including its new server platform, and hire 2,000 IT specialists.