• August 5, 2021

Cybersecurity risks rise as cyberattacks rise in Asia


— Cyberattacks on computers and networks in China, Russia and India are threatening to put the U.S. and other countries at risk.

China, Russia, and India have launched hundreds of cyberattacks, or “denials,” against computer systems in the past two years that have targeted U.N. computers and diplomats, the U and European Union offices, and government agencies in other countries.

In a statement Friday, the United States Department of Homeland Security said China’s “cyber activities” were “consistent with those of a state sponsor of terrorism,” including the denial of access to information, a cyberattack that also disrupted critical systems at the World Bank and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as well as U.K. and European financial institutions.

In addition, the Chinese government has “continuously engaged in cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, including the U!


computer network, that disrupt our critical economic and security interests in the region,” the DHS said.

It said Russia also “has engaged in persistent cyber activity against the U .

N. that is consistent with a state sponsored attack.”

China, which has about 80,000 military personnel, has also been blamed for denial of service attacks on government websites, including in the U., but the U S. government has been reluctant to label its actions cyberattacks because of privacy concerns.

The U. S. and its allies are increasingly worried about Chinese attacks, which threaten critical infrastructure such as power grids, transportation networks, and telecommunications networks.

China’s denial of attack campaigns and its use of sophisticated technology have heightened concern in the international community, with China’s Foreign Ministry warning Friday that it was “ready to use its full capabilities” to counter U. N. attacks.

Chinese hackers also have targeted government websites in Russia and other nations.

The DHS statement said cyberattacks were likely to escalate, with the most recent denial of attacks occurring in early January and the most severe attacks occurring last month.