• August 9, 2021

Computer hosting company gets a £1m loan from Google

Google has signed a deal to help a company that provides computer hosting services for businesses and governments, the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg reports from London.

The funding comes as Google gears up for its first public IPO since the scandal over its data-collection practices.

The deal, worth up to $3.8bn (£2.6bn), will be announced on Tuesday (local time) and comes as the internet giant looks to make a splash on Wall Street.

The internet giant, which is based in Mountain View, California, is already one of the world’s largest tech companies with offices in China and the US.

The company has raised $60bn in capital.

“We are excited to partner with Google and the Internet Association to build a future that is both safe and secure for the future,” John Whittingdale, the chairman of the Google board, said in a statement.

“It is a testament to the incredible power of the internet and the way that millions of people are making it possible for us to communicate, collaborate, share ideas and access information, in the cloud.”

Mr Whittingford added that the agreement would provide a “global model for secure and secure infrastructure”.

The deal was signed on Monday, after the company was forced to admit that its servers had been hacked in March.

The news comes as a separate court case is now being pursued by the US government over allegations of internet censorship and a dispute over whether Google’s search results should include information on the alleged crimes of those behind the hack.

The latest lawsuit is being filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has claimed that Google’s response to the attack was “inadequate” and that the company should have done more to prevent it.

Google has denied the accusations, saying that its policies are “clear and unambiguous”.

The case is being heard in California, where a California appeals court ruled in December that Google could not be held liable for the attacks.

The government has also filed a lawsuit, accusing Google of violating US laws on surveillance and copyright, saying it violated the First Amendment rights of a journalist and other individuals.

“Google is the most influential and important corporation in the world,” Mr Whitingford said.

“The companies that build these services are not going to disappear.

They are going to grow.

We are working hard to protect our users and ensure that these platforms are safe and free from harm.”

Google also said that it would work to make the new funding a “safe and secure investment”.

The BBC’s Mark Price reports from Silicon Valley, California.