• September 6, 2021

How to use ‘host computer’ to mean ‘computer networks’ in the dictionary

Host computer means a computer system used to host an Internet connection, a network connection, or an information service.

Host computers can include servers, switches, routers, switches and other computers that are used to connect computers to each other and to the Internet.

Host systems can be owned or rented by individuals, businesses, organisations or other groups of individuals.

This definition includes computers that use computers for networking or data storage, or are connected to a network for data storage.

Host computer networks can include computer networks that are shared by a group of computers, such as a private network, or between computers that share a common computer network.

Hosting a computer means managing or providing access to computers.

Host machines are computers used to administer and maintain a network or other computer system, such that it can access and receive data and communications from other computers.

The host computer networks used to manage the network and other computer systems are known as the host system.

Examples of hosts include servers that host a web server, or data centers that host servers.

The hosts that can host computers include servers and routers.

The computer networks host include computers connected to eachother via a network.

The computers on a computer network can be different than computers on the same network, depending on the hardware and software used to run the network.

A host computer system may also be called a shared computer system or a public computer system.

A public computer can be used to share resources between computers on different networks.

The shared computer systems also include printers and other devices that can be attached to the network to send and receive printouts.

A computer system also includes a network access point, a wireless network access device, and other connected devices that are connected via a common physical connection.

The network is the network that connects computers to the internet.

A network includes any of the following: a network interface, such a modem or cable, or a network port, such one used to send data between computers or to communicate with a network server or client.

The term also includes the network’s routers or access points.

A physical connection is a physical connection between a computer and another computer, such in the form of a switch, network interface or wired network connection.

A wired network includes both physical and wireless connections.

A wire is a wire, wire conductor, wire or fiber cable.

A digital computer system (DCS) is a computer that can communicate over a digital data link, such like the Internet, or over a local area network, such for instance a local telephone network.

Digital computers also include digital video games that are played by computers that can also be connected to the computer network by wired or wireless connection.

Examples include a home computer, a business computer or a home video game console.

The following definitions are from the Australian National University dictionary.

host computer network example,network hosting meaning: The computer systems used to communicate over networks, or to share a network’s resources.

host systems can include computers, servers, routers and other networks.

Host networks can be shared by groups of computers.

Examples are shared computer networks, shared computers, shared computer servers, shared network access points, shared networks, and shared networks shared.

In some cases, an entire network is called a network and an individual computer is referred to as a computer.

Examples can include network connections made between a network that has a physical link, like the network interfaces, shared systems or shared network ports, or through the use of a virtual network, like a virtual server or virtual network port.

Host server computer network computer example: The network or networks that serve the purpose of connecting computers on your network to other computers on other networks, such an Internet-based network.

host network computer server example: A computer that is a member of a computer-to-computer network (also called a data network) and is responsible for maintaining a shared network’s computers.

host system computer example host system system example: Any of the network-based computers, including a network connected to your computer network, that you use to communicate or receive data or communications between computers.