• September 9, 2021

Why can’t I get my eye eyelink on a parsec computer?

An eye-linking software that’s popular on computers but not on smart TVs has made the transition to smart devices in a major way.

CBC News has learned that Parsec, which is owned by Microsoft, is now allowing users to see the words they typed on their smart TV without the need to enter their passwords.

This is the first time that Parse has enabled users to view words on their TV in the browser, without the use of an app, according to the company.

“Parsec’s EyeLinking software lets you see and control your eyeslinking via a web browser without the requirement of passwords or authentication,” Parsec CEO Matt King said in a statement.

“We hope this will make it easier for people to be able to easily interact with our services without using an app.”

Microsoft, which makes the Microsoft Kinect, is also adding the ability to view eye-related information in the Microsoft Edge browser, which also is available on smart TV devices.

“In a web-based browser, the MicrosoftEdge browser allows users to use their browser to view a wide range of eye-relevant content, including text and images.

With the Microsoft EyeLINK technology, you can also easily browse through images, text, and videos and interact with them by pressing a key on your keyboard,” Microsoft said in the statement.

King said Parsec is adding the EyeLINGER browser feature in the next few weeks.

“MicrosoftEdge will become a part of the Microsoft Eyelink browser in the coming weeks,” King said.

Parsec also recently launched the Microsoft Headset Lens for Smart TVs, which has been downloaded more than 15 million times in the last 24 hours.

The HeadsetLens is a free-to-use camera that works with Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT platform and is compatible with many of the company’s smart TVs, including the Xbox, Xbox 360, PS4, and PlayStation 5.

King noted that Microsoft is working to get the HeadsetLenses in as many smart TV platforms as possible, but this will not happen immediately.

“The Headsetlenses will be available to consumers in the Xbox One and Xbox 360,” King wrote in the Parsec blog post.

“However, we are currently in the process of getting these to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS5, and we expect to release these in the near future.”

The HeadSetLens is available for download now for Xbox One owners who have been eligible for the Xbox Insider Program, which allows Microsoft to offer free upgrades to its popular games and entertainment content.

The Xbox Insider program allows Xbox gamers to earn in-game items by participating in weekly events.

King also said that Microsoft has a “multi-billion dollar program” for developers, developers of games, and content creators that allows them to build new products that support the Xbox ecosystem.

Microsoft said that the Xbox Eyelinking technology is still in its early stages.

“EyeLINK is a small piece of a larger suite of products that Microsoft Eyefinity is building, including EyeLocker, Eyeframe, and Eyefuse,” King continued.

“Each of these products will be designed to address a specific type of device that is not yet available to the general public.”

Parsec will soon launch an additional EyeLink feature called EyeLinger.

“By enabling developers to build applications for a wide variety of devices including smart TVs and other smart devices, we hope to enable even more of our customers to be interested in using our services,” King concluded.

“With Microsoft Eyelfinity, we will provide even more users with access to our services and even more content that is truly unique to Microsoft.”