• September 27, 2021

Computer revolt to protest ‘inappropriate’ behaviour of Central Coast Mariners fans

Computer revolt is coming to Central Coast in a week of protests over inappropriate behaviour by Central Coast fans.

The Central Coast Sports Alliance (CCSA) has called for fans to assemble outside the Central Coast Stadium, which is home to the Central coast Mariners.

“We are organising a massive protest, with hundreds of people in attendance, outside the stadium in Central Coast,” CCSA chairman Matt Hughes said.

“We need to make sure Central Coast has a safe, secure and fun environment for all our fans to enjoy.”

Our supporters deserve to feel like their football is valued and respected by the Central Council.

“The Central Coast Club has been notified and we expect a large turnout.” “

This is a public service announcement to all Central Coast supporters to gather at the Central Centre Stadium on Saturday from 4.30pm,” he said.

“The Central Coast Club has been notified and we expect a large turnout.”

CCSA chair Matt Hughes says the Central Club is keen to promote an environment of fun and social interaction at the venue.

Photo: Supplied Hughe said it was important to promote a sense of community in Central Queensland.

“There are a number of clubs and teams playing at Central Coast and we want to see them thrive,” he told AAP.

The Central Council is looking to have the Central club’s current lease extended for a further two years, with a deadline of July 2019.

Hughes said the Central team would not be able to play the match unless it could secure a venue for the next two years.

“If we cannot secure a new venue by then, we will play our remaining home games at the current Central Coast venue,” he explained.

Central Coast coach Scott McPherson said the Mariners were the team that had a “very strong relationship” with the CCSSA.

He said the club would work closely with the Central CCSA to ensure the Mariners’ support remained strong.

McPher, who played for Central Coast for 12 seasons, said the relationship with the team had been positive.

“(We) worked very closely with them in the past,” he confirmed.

CCSSA president John Coates said it would be the CCSAA’s goal to have an all-sport, non-violent, friendly atmosphere at Central’s stadium.

“[It is] a huge privilege to play for Central’s Club,” Coates told AAP, adding the CCsa would also be working with the club to develop a more professional football environment for fans.

Last month, the Central council was forced to suspend the club’s match against the Brisbane Lions after an investigation into inappropriate behaviour from Central Coast’s supporters.

More to come.