• August 27, 2021

When it comes to the future of the NFL, the next Super Bowl could be in Arizona — and the same thing goes for Arizona’s Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals may be in the middle of the playoffs but their current record looks a lot different than it did a year ago.The team has lost nine of 11 games and the last time they were within striking distance of the postseason was in Week 12.Arizona’s offense, which was a disaster last season,…

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How to fix your computer for better network security

A number of security researchers are now recommending using the IPv6 protocol, or IPv6-capable devices, in place of IPv4 in a new generation of networked devices.But this advice could prove controversial.“There are still many security risks associated with using IPv6, including data leakage and the need for more security in some places.IPv6 addresses are still…

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How to use an apache virtual network to host and manage your own network

You can use an Apache virtual network for many things, from sharing files between a computer and a web server to managing your own home network.It’s a good way to share files between two computers or even a whole network of them.Apache Virtual Hosts (AVH) are very simple to set up, and can be used…

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