• August 11, 2021

Computer host name and meaning

Computer host names are one of the most widely used words in the world today.They are used in all types of computing applications.However, as computer networks grow, the word cloud computing is becoming increasingly common in the domain of online computing.The meaning of cloud computing has evolved significantly over the years.There are many cloud computing…

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Which cloud computing services are worth considering?

By now, you’ve probably noticed that most of the recent cloud computing news has been dominated by companies using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud computing platform.But, in a world where Amazon is now widely recognized as the dominant cloud computing service provider, there are still plenty of smaller companies using AWS.To get an…

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How to Setup a Web Server on Your Own Linux Computer with Cloud Computing Hosting

The world is not ready for the internet of things, and there is no doubt that many of us are looking for a way to get our hands on data that we can then use to power our devices.The cloud computing hosting market is booming and as such, many of you are looking to get…

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