• September 6, 2021

PCC’s ‘home for all’ has been a huge success

Weeks ago, PCC bought a number of domain names that are now known as “home for All” domains.These are all of the domain names listed on the UK’s Register of Expiry.The Domain Name Services (DNS) servers that are used to identify domain names are often a source of frustration.If a website has a domain name,…

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How to fix your computer for better network security

A number of security researchers are now recommending using the IPv6 protocol, or IPv6-capable devices, in place of IPv4 in a new generation of networked devices.But this advice could prove controversial.“There are still many security risks associated with using IPv6, including data leakage and the need for more security in some places.IPv6 addresses are still…

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Steam: Host-environment is the new ‘home’ of computing host

A new way to host computers is making its way to the living room, thanks to a technology developed by a British engineering company.The new “Steam Host” will allow computers to be hosted anywhere and at any time.It will also let them work from anywhere and in any timezone, unlike the traditional virtual machines currently…

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