• September 9, 2021

‘Hosted games’ are the future of game design

A new generation of gaming machines is poised to change the way people play video games.But are they a viable medium?Is it even possible to design a game to take advantage of the power of a new generation?We sat down with lead programmer and lead designer Matt Dyer to find out.The question is, will this…

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Get your home computer ready for a new year! This is a computer security program that’ll help you get your house computer set up and running with all the latest security updates.

source Google Search (Australia, US) title How to find a computer with a good security rating, and how to get one without it?article source Gigaom (US) title The best computer security products available for 2018 article source Computerworld (US, Australia) title What to do if your home security software doesn’t work?article Source: Google News |…

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