• August 5, 2021

Cybersecurity risks rise as cyberattacks rise in Asia

SANTA CLARA, Calif.— Cyberattacks on computers and networks in China, Russia and India are threatening to put the U.S. and other countries at risk.China, Russia, and India have launched hundreds of cyberattacks, or “denials,” against computer systems in the past two years that have targeted U.N. computers and diplomats, the U and European Union offices,…

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Bizarrely enough, the PC is the only device that can be used to infect a computer host

The Internet of Things is coming.A new generation of computing devices are being built to connect to our devices and help them act as virtual servers.A handful of companies have started to build these devices, which allow us to run software on them, install apps and connect to cloud services.However, as the popularity of these…

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