• July 16, 2021

How to Setup a Web Server and Host a Web Site on Your Own Linux Computer

What is a web server?A web server is an application that allows you to connect to your own computer or to an external network.They can be hosted anywhere, but generally they require a web browser that is installed on your computer, so you can access them remotely.There are many web servers out there, but you…

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How to host your own lan online (for a fraction of the price)

With a growing demand for internet-based gaming, online gaming platforms are beginning to push back against a host of restrictions.While the majority of online gaming is still controlled by publishers, it’s increasingly being hosted by smaller websites, such as LANs, that can host their own servers for a fraction the price.Here are 10 steps to…

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How to be a good network engineer

By default, your network may look like a chaotic mess of static IP addresses and static DNS addresses.You might not even have a working router, and if your router’s static IP address is a few hundred miles away, your internet will probably not work.But a smart network engineer can help you figure out what your…

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