• September 28, 2021

How to create your own web hosting account

If you’re not already familiar with hosting, you should know that hosting your own website can be very lucrative.For a modest amount of money, you can run a website, which can be as simple as a website you use to browse the web or even an entire website for free.The difference between hosting a website…

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The fastest computers in the world are using modern CPUs in the name of rapid computing

CPU manufacturers are pushing to develop new and more powerful machines with modern CPUs and graphics processors, but the speediest CPUs have traditionally been the Xeon Phi chip.The Xeon Phi Phi chip that powers the Intel Xeon Phi platform, called the Phi-based processor, is a commercial CPU that has been in use since 2006.Intel is…

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How to make a wiki with just one computer

How to get a wiki up and running without any external hardware.article How can you get a Wikipedia computer up and working without external hardware?The simple answer is with a Raspberry Pi.In this article, I’ll show you how to get your Wikipedia to work on a Raspberry pi and teach you how you can customize…

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