• September 13, 2021

How to Change Your DNS Provider’s Name and IP Address on the Web

How to change your DNS provider’s name and IP address on the web.If you’ve ever been on a desktop computer with a network switch, you know how important it is to have your DNS server configured for your internet service provider (ISP) and allow them to know where your data is going.For a few years,…

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Get your home computer ready for a new year! This is a computer security program that’ll help you get your house computer set up and running with all the latest security updates.

source Google Search (Australia, US) title How to find a computer with a good security rating, and how to get one without it?article source Gigaom (US) title The best computer security products available for 2018 article source Computerworld (US, Australia) title What to do if your home security software doesn’t work?article Source: Google News |…

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Crypto Coins: How To Use vps Host Computer to Set Up Your Own Computer with Windows 10

A few days ago, a group of users on Twitter noticed that the vps computer host computer had been taken over by an attacker.The group was able to get the host computer to run for about two hours.They were able to remotely shutdown the host and reboot the computer into recovery mode.They also managed to…

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