• October 10, 2021

When you’re not on the phone: How to make it work

If you’re on the go but can’t get to your phone, there are several ways to keep your productivity on track.This article is about the basics of phone and email.You’ll need to know: what to do when you’re away from your phone

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Why is the RTE RTÉ’s coverage of the death of a child on RTÉ Newsroom so grim?

On Tuesday, May 27, the Irish Independent revealed that the family of a 13-year-old girl who was killed by a car on the RtÉ’s Newsroom in Dublin had written to RTÉ to ask if the broadcaster was covering the death.This prompted RTÉ CEO Brian Cowen to issue a statement to the Irish media on the…

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How to host a virtual computer in Italy

In the case of virtual computers hosted on virtual machines, the host computer is your primary computer.It’s the host that is the server, and it can have any number of operating systems installed.A virtual machine on a virtual host, however, is always a single machine.When you host your own computer, it’s a virtual machine with…

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